Style Guide#

  • Bubbly follows traditional go style standards using gofmt
  • All code should be free from errors when running golint and go vet

Reporting a Bug#

  • When reporting a bug, be sure to be as descriptive as possible
  • If you are opening a bug, be sure to include all the steps necessary to reproduce the bug
  • Describe the expected behavior vs the actual outcome
  • Use Tags to help categorize the issue
  • If possible, include a screenshot or stacktrace

Submitting a feature request or enhancement#

  • Check to make sure that there isn't already an existing request
  • Use a descriptive title
  • Explain why this feature or enhancement would be beneficial

Creating a PR#

  • Branch all PRs from main
  • Try to keep PRs as small as possible
  • When making a PR, be sure to squash all commits, and have a short but informative description

Code of Conduct#

At Bubbly, we aim to create an open and inclusive work environment. As this is a project written primarily in Go, we have decided to adopt the community's policies to ensure a positive community. By participating in Bubbly, you agree to the terms listed here.